What Does For Owners
We know that most real estate owners are super smart, the kind of people that just don’t over pay for things like real estate commissions. Thanks to technological advances, most of the marketing for listing your home for sale is now automated. For qualified sellers, we charge a set marketing fee to list your home and reduce our average commission by 1/3. That adds up to thousands of dollars in your pocket! has identified real estate listing brokers who will pass the savings on to you. Contact to see if you qualify for a 1% listing commission. Our marketing initiatives and cooperative approach with buyers’ brokers maximizes the exposure of your real estate listing.

Selling a home has never been easier!


Be as hands-on as you want – All documentation may be completed on-line for your convenience.

  1. Telephone consultation with a consultant to review the Smart Seller Listing Advantage
  2. You will be paired with an affiliate real estate broker
  3. Meet with your broker and complete the Exclusive Listing Contract  and sign a Marketing Contract, $495.00 non-refundable fee is due now
  4. Broker tour and photo shoot of your property
  5. Launch your property marketing plan under the Smart Seller Listing Advantage
  6. Install sign and lockbox

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