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We know that most real estate owners are super smart, the kind of people that don't just over pay for things like real estate commissions. Thanks to technological advances, most of the marketing for listing your commercial or investment property for sale is now automated. For qualified sellers, we charge a set marketing fee to list your property and reduce our average listings commission by 1/3. 

That adds up to thousands of dollars in your pocket! has identified real estate listing brokers in your area who will pass the savings on to you. Contact us to see if you qualify for a 1% listing commission. Our marketing initiatives and cooperative approach with buyers' brokers maximizes the exposure of your real estate.

It's always a good time to buy and sell commercial real estate!

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Listing with us enables you to do so much more. With a low fixed property commission fee of 1% you may qualify as a Smart Seller, take a closer look today. 

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Everybody has a set of beliefs they live by and we are no different. We set out our own set of beliefs that we believe help us be great at our jobs.

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Throughout our Smart Selling journey we have learned a lot about the real estate business. We would like to share what we learned with you.