Listing Advantage

Qualified Sellers can obtain a LOW fixed price listing commission fee of 1% of gross sales price*.

This is a 2% savings for the Seller! This is not a discounted listing; this is a FULL service listing.

* Qualifying residential property must be listed at $400,000 or more and have equity; Commercial $1,495/ Residential $495.00 Non-Refundable One-Time Marketing Fee is due from Seller upon signing Exclusive Listing Agreement; Additional Buyer’s Commission applies; all services are subject to the terms of the Exclusive Listing Agreement and Washington law and laws where property is located.

Commissions are paid as a percentage of the purchase price of the Seller’s property. The total commission will be paid to the listing broker and the listing broker will pay the agreed amount to the selling/buyer’s broker in accordance with the terms of the Exclusive Listing Agreement. The listing commission is not subject to referral fees. The Seller will not be permitted to market their property themselves without permission from the listing agent. encourages broker cooperation and we love selling/buyer’s brokers. 

Contact us today to see if you qualify for our Smart Seller listing program.