Wealth Building Team

Every accomplishment in life requires devotion, skill and perseverance.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or artist, professional or tradesman, you can apply your income and resources to build financial wealth through commercial real estate investment. Like other accomplishments, this will require your best efforts and attention, as well as a team of qualified professionals competent in the different aspects of owning and operating commercial real estate. 

 The members of your Wealth Building Team are identified below:

YOU are the cornerstone of your wealth management team

  1. CEO, CFO, etc. “key employee” in case something goes wrong (designated survivor) 
  2. CPAs & Financial Advisor 
  3. Banker & Financial Institution 
  4.  Attorneys and Specialized Attorneys 
  5. Insurance Agents (risk management) 
  6. Marketing, PR, Publicist 
  7. Commercial Real Estate Brokers 
  8. Philanthropy, Charities, Community Services