Shauna Brennan is the founder and designated broker of Smart Seller, a division of Property Guardians, Inc., a Washington real estate brokerage company.  A hard-working and motivated investor and business owner herself, Ms. Brennan has first-hand knowledge of the experiences her clients encounter and swiftly navigate their way to valuable, relevant information and expedite closings.  

With over 30 years experience in commercial and residential real estate transactions, Shauna makes dreams of cash-flowing properties come true, facilitating her client’s vision to own investment properties, including office, retail, hospitality, multifamily, light industrial and manufacturing, as well as special use properties.  Throughout her career, Ms. Brennan has represented many clients in commercial real estate transactions in emerging fields, including special power capacity properties for data mining operations, antenna leases and cell towers, advertising license agreements and vendor alliances such as rental car subleases at hotels.  Shauna reflects, “one of the exciting aspects of commercial real estate is the complex and unique issues which arise in property rights, leasing, zoning and land use issues, capital improvements and community involvement and responsibility of property owners.”

“I strive to live a socially and morally relevant life,” says Ms. Brennan. “Building socially responsible wealth empowers you to use your time, talent and financial resources for the greater good, to provide for yourself and your family to the second and third generation and to live your best life,” a philosophy espoused by Ms. Brennan throughout her professional and personal life. She is able to be the change she wants to see in the world by service on community and non-profit Boards.